Custom Apparel

Welcome to JMK Marketing LLC, your destination for personalized apparel. Elevate your team's image with our quality craftsmanship and sizes ranging from Toddler Sizes, Youth Sizes, and up to Adult 5XL!


Experience top-tier embroidery services at our facility, where skilled artisans use premium threads and advanced machines for impeccable stitching and durability. Whether enhancing sports team jerseys or elevating the professional image of your sales staff with logo embroidery, we blend quality and creativity to showcase your unique identity.

DTF Apparel Printing

Explore the innovation of DTF Printing, a cutting-edge technique akin to screen printing but with enhanced permanence and an unlimited color palette. Our DTF services revolutionize the way designs are transferred onto various surfaces, ensuring lasting vibrancy and detail. Unlike traditional methods, DTF Printing offers an expansive spectrum of colors without compromising durability, providing a dynamic solution for your printing needs. Unleash the potential of unlimited color possibilities with our advanced DTF Printing services.

Apparel Fundraising

Elevate your fundraising efforts with our apparel fundraising program, offering flexible options tailored to your needs. Whether through traditional pen and paper order forms, a sleek online store, or a dynamic combination of both, we empower your organization to reach supporters seamlessly. As a testament to our commitment, we proudly donate 25% of the profits back to your cause. Make a lasting impact with apparel fundraising that not only raises funds but also engages your community through stylish and meaningful merchandise.

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